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Shirley Sagawa

3000 Greenvale Rd.

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Deb Jospin

16 Primrose St.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
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It's time for a fresh look at strategies to address the pressing problems of American communities

Are traditional approaches and long-standing grantees getting the work done, or are new tools and partners needed? Is it time to develop or strengthen collaborations with government, businesses, or foundations for greater efficiency or effectiveness? 

We can help you answer these questions by applying to your specific needs our extensive experience developing entrepreneurial initiatives in the public and nonprofit sectors. Using expertise gained by managing a $400 million grant portfolio, designing innovative government and nonprofit programs, planning conferences on cutting-edge topics, drafting reports requiring the buy-in of multiple stakeholders, and managing numerous partnerships and coalitions, we can:

  • Help you think strategically about new directions 
  • Analyze specific fields to determine where your resources will have greatest impact 
  • Develop grantmaking initiatives to maximize your impact 
  • Identify strong and innovative nonprofit organizations 
  • Organize convenings and manage follow-up 
  • Train your grantees to become charismatic organizations or assist them with strategy

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