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Many nonprofits today are working smarter.   

Competition for funds is greater than ever before, with the nonprofit sector growing dramatically and funders focusing their investments.  Smart nonprofits are becoming more strategic, finding ways to increase their impact while maximizing their resources.  And they are involving donors in their work, engaging high level volunteers, and building a community around them that expands their influence.   

We can help you move in these directions by applying to your specific needs our extensive experience developing and managing ground-breaking partnerships and entrepreneurial initiatives in the public and nonprofit sectors. Based on our new book, The Charismatic Organization, and using expertise gained by designing and managing innovative government and nonprofit programs, we can: 

  • Speak to or train your affiliates or staff.
  • Help you develop a strategic plan or business plan that is right for your organization -- not a too long "to do" list, but a thoughtful roadmap to the future.
  • Develop policy strategies to increase your impact and resources.
  • Work with you to "make your case" to potential funders through case statements, case studies, meaningful anecdotes, and other strategies
  • Create a workable plan to diversify your funding sources
  • Maximize the potential of your board, or create special advisory groups to help you achieve your goals
  • Prepare your organization to develop strong business partnerships 
  • Research and analyze opportunities for new ventures or design innovative initiatives 
  • Facilitate win-win partnerships or mergers with other nonprofit organizations 
  • Research and write reports or create policy agendas for your group

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